22 Giving Tips for Churches

22 Giving Tips for Churches

August 16, 2017 by

The church has never been good at talking about money. From lightning strikes to televangelists, there’s a sketchy history there.

But money is also a practical reality. Your church has bills to pay.

So communicating about money is important. Your church has an opportunity, not just to pay the bills, but also to help your congregation have a healthier and smarter attitude toward money.

Here are some tips to help your church better approach that dreaded topic of giving:

  1. Vision, Not Threats: Instead of threatening to cut programs if people don’t give, cast vision for what your church is going to do when people give.
  2. Talk About Money Frequently: If you never talk about money, it gets awkward when you do. So talk about it occasionally, and not just when you’re asking for more money.
  3. Education: Don’t just preach about tithing, but help your congregation think smarter about money. Credit card debt is a soaring problem and too many people lack the savings to weather an emergency.
  4. Speedy Digital Giving: Make sure your giving options—whether it’s online or a physical kiosk—are as simple and fast as dropping a dollar in the offering plate. OK, so filling out a form won’t be that quick, but it needs to be short and sweet.

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