Stressing Less and Finding Rhythm With Josh Reich and Adam Legg

Stressing Less and Finding Rhythm With Josh Reich and Adam Legg

March 28, 2016 by

In a recent video by Innovate 4 Jesus, host Jevon Washington was joined by Adam Legg, the creative arts and communications pastor of ChangePoint, the largest church in Alaska, and Josh Reich, the lead pastor of Revolution Church in Tucson, Arizona. The three discussed stress in ministry and finding rhythm rather than balance. Josh Reich is also the author of Breathing Room: Stressing Less & Living More.


“I look at my life and my calendar and what I see is chaos, not rhythm. It doesn’t take long to make the connection that maybe I’m not living like I was created to live. Maybe there is an unhealthy rhythm that is in my life.” -Adam Legg

“I feel like most followers of Jesus do not understand all of the freedom that they have been given in Jesus. And I think that’s one of the reasons I get tired, that I take on burdens I’m not supposed to carry.” -Josh Reich

“Make some steps, even if they seem small and insignificant. Make this week a healthier rhythm than last week. And then the week after that, do better than this week. The Lord’s on your side in this. He wants you to be healthy. He doesn’t want you to be burnt out.” -Adam Legg

“We talk about this work-life balance or sacrificing your family or sacrificing your ministry. Have you made your marriage and your family all about your goals and your church plan and your ministry goals?” -Josh Reich

“The thing that we value the most is busyness, is hustle, is strive. It’s sad to say we live in a church culture that values striving over abiding.” -Adam Legg


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