Rebuild by Marcus Cylar

Rebuild by Marcus Cylar

October 19, 2015 by
Rebuild by Marcus Cylar

Being a pastor is an extremely difficult job with a high rate of burnout. Enter Rebuild: A 12-Part Framework for Rejuvenating and Restoring the Burnt-Out Pastor by Marcus Cylar. It’s a quick read that dives into why burnout happens, how pastors can avoid it and how pastors suffering from it can be restored.

Too many pastors end up burned out and walk away from ministry. That’s where author Marcus Cylar was, but instead of dusting off his hands and moving on, Marcus decided to focus on the issue and help other pastors through their issues. It’s full of practical advice and real world situations (it gets a little too real at times). A good read for pastors, but also people in the pew who need to care for their pastor.

What About Church Communication?

So what does this have to do with church communication? That’s a good question, because pastoral burnout is not directly related. However, one of the great challenges church communicators face is dealing with the fallout from burned out pastors who leave the ministry. There can be messy in-fighting, difficult transitions and churches that struggle to get on their feet again.

It’s a communication nightmare.

So anything we can do to avoid that nightmare is worth considering. Let’s support our pastors before they become burnt out. Let’s pray for our pastors who are struggling. Let’s help our pastors shepherd their vision for our churches and communicate clearly so they can avoid all the negative conflict that so often suffocates pastors.

Marcus Cylar’s book is a good first step to help support and defend our pastors.


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