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2010_03_30_mediafirestormpollresults.jpgRecently, Ed Young found himself squarely in the crosshairs of the local media. Whether their aim was investigative reporting or something more malicious is a matter of opinion, but either way, we had a few bits of advice for him. You hear this sort of thing on the news from time to time–another pastor scandal or church acting odiously. But what about your church? Have you ever found yourself in a media firestorm?

Thankfully, 57% of you haven’t. You’ve kept on good terms with the media and stayed out of the negative news. Ten fictional public relations points to you, legal tender of the Center for Church Communication.

Another 32% have felt the heat but never been burned. We hope that was more of an, “Are they going to spin this the wrong way?” in lieu of “Oh no, I hope they don’t find out about that.”

Then we get in to the 12% of you who have been burned. A quarter of those know it was your fault and you were caught because you should have been. It was just due time that you were busted. And three quarters of those just got a flat-out bad deal. Lies, skewing of the truth and unfair representation left you in a public relations nightmare.

As always, you’re welcomed to share your story in the comments. Maybe it can help other churches as they deal with these same issues. And if you’re really into this subject, we posted some additional reading from Sarah Palin’s pastor about 6 months ago.

It’s Holy Week, and you know what that means: Easter poll. Let us know this week, what’s the best way to get Easter visitors to come back the next week?

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