Easter Effort: Farmers Market

Easter Effort: Farmers Market

April 14, 2015 by

Michelle Mumm is a graphic designer at King of Kings Church in Omaha, Neb.

What’s your favorite part about celebrating Easter at your church?

Bringing together the community by having our Easter service at a large auditorium located in our downtown area. We invite our community to ‘come as you are,’ and we even go to our homeless shelters to pick up the folks there by buses to take them to the Easter service.

Share one cool way your church is spreading the word about Easter this year:

Our theme was centered around the part in Scripture where Mary had mistaken our Lord for a gardener. So we had a gardener theme and our invites were packages of seeds to plant. We had tomato, cucumber and carrot packets to hand out. On the front of the packet was an invite to our service.

We also had pop-up farmers markets at local parks where we were able to hand out bags of free, fresh local produce.  Inside the bags were also the seed packet invites. On the packet was a website we created special for our Easter service. It had all the information of the Easter service, the location and a map to get there for our guests. It had links to other sites like our web page, Facebook page, and our locations and times of our farmers markets.

We spread the word about these markets through social media and word of mouth through our congregation. We also printed up large yard signs to put out on the main streets to the parks.

How do you keep your focus on the joy of Easter amid the stress of looming deadlines and long hours?


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Photo by Mars Hill Church Seattle.
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Michelle Mumm

Michelle Mumm is a graphic designer at King of Kings Church in Omaha, Neb. They have a team of dedicated creatives who will stop at nothing to bring people to know, love and follow Jesus so that his kingdom will be advanced.
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