Christmas Creativity: Think Inside Your Box

Christmas Creativity: Think Inside Your Box

October 24, 2014 by

“Think inside your box. Let your limitations fuel your greatest creativity.” -Wade Joye

Everybody says to think outside the box, but sometimes we need to embrace our limitations. Christmas is coming. You might not have time for some wild and crazy Christmas idea. You need to work within your limitations. That’s how you get truly creative—not with unlimited options, but by making very few options work.

That’s kind of what God did with Christmas. He got creative with what he had. A stable? A manger? Shepherds? God could’ve called in the big guns, but he didn’t. OK, so there’s likely a more theological rationale for that, but work with me. The original Christmas was not a giant production with unlimited options. It was a poor little family gathered around a newborn baby in a barn. God’s Christmas creativity started pretty small.

Learn more about how to tap your Christmas creativity with this ‘think inside the box’ idea from Wade Joye, worship pastor at Elevation Church:

Elevation Church Christmas Planning on Vimeo.

“Think inside your box. Let your limitations fuel your greatest creativity.” -Wade Joye

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