Planning Christmas: Insights, Field Trips & After Christmas

Planning Christmas: Insights, Field Trips & After Christmas

December 1, 2011 by

It’s December 1, Christmas is less than 24 days away!

For many of you, the return back to the office after Thanksgiving is a mad dash to Christmas. Whether you’re planning productions, a community outreach, or other Christmas-related events, it’s game time. A lot of time, energy, and focus over the next couple of weeks will so zeroed in on making Christmas the best experience possible. What happens in churches everywhere over the next few weeks is very important as many people find their way back to church during the holiday season.

Over at Planning Christmas this week we’ve got a triple-dose of insight around the importance of planning before and after Christmas. Shawn Wood and Robbie Foreman from Freedom Church in South Carolina share some key ideas that are helping them shape their services. They also share a field trip you must take with your team as you plan your Christmas services,

Then, on the flip side, Maurilio Amorim shares some ideas about the importance of planning after Christmas.

So, with a crazy few weeks ahead, we thought a triple dose of Planning Christmas would do you well this week.

And, as an added bonus this week, check out the Carols project from our friends over at They’ve assembled a huge package of Christmas worship resources—original songs, charts, artwork, promo videos, etc.—that you and your church could use as you plan for Christmas.

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