Mobile Sites & Mobile Apps for Your Church

Mobile Sites & Mobile Apps for Your Church

March 10, 2014 by

With the average person checking their smartphone 150 times per day, it’s no secret that the “lingua franca,” or “common language” is changing. The world is dramatically shifting to a mindset of mobility, but many churches are missing out on the opportunity to connect and communicate through the smartphones in attendee’s back pockets.

So what are the options in terms of going mobile?

Mobile Sites & Mobile Apps
If you’ve done any research on the subject, you’ve probably seen an onslaught of articles hashing out the “mobile site vs. mobile app” conundrum.

The debate over mobile sites and mobile apps is becoming as universal as that between contemporary and traditional worship, and every other “unsolved argument” in the church. The conversations can get pretty heated, especially when people’s own positive or negative experiences form the foundation for their opinions.

But, as with worship style, one is no better or worse than the other. Both are essential to a church’s communication strategy, because each targets a different audience with different goals. Mobile apps and mobile sites are not an either/or decision, but a choice of what best fits the needs of your church.

Mobile Sites
A mobile site targets people beginning to gather information about your church. People go to mobile sites for information like addresses, phone numbers, or service times. Mobile site visitors most likely only need one piece of info, and once they find it, they close their mobile browser, only to return when they need another phone number. Because first impressions are virtual, a mobile site is probably the first encounter someone will have with your church. According to Flurry, mobile site usage accounts for 20% of time spent on the average American’s smartphone.

Mobile Apps
A mobile app targets those who have done their initial research and want to be more connected with the church. People open a mobile app to check event calendars, access the bulletin, take notes during services, give online, etc. App users are looking for an experience, and will return to the app as opportunities to connect become available. A mobile app is ideal for repeated engagement with members of the congregation who want to be more involved. App usage accounts for 80% of time spent on the average American’s smartphone.

Mobile Apps Mobile Sites
Target Audience: Involvement Seekers Information Seekers
Main Goal: Engaging with Content Finding facts
Average Views/Month: 84 9
User Interface: Ability for user personalization Same look and feel for all


Where is your church when it comes to engaging with the congregation?

Do people repeatedly access content such as videos, podcasts and bulletin announcements? Is there a need for better awareness and attendance at events and activities throughout the week? Does your church encourage smartphone use during service times? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, a mobile app may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Now is a mobile app worth the money? Check in next week for the answer.

Editor’s Note: Bluebridge ChurchApps can help your church figure out mobile apps. We’re partnering with them to share some mobile insights, and if you decide to work with Bluebridge, we get a referral fee. You can take a leap forward with mobile technology and help us continue to help churches communicate better. Get started by connecting with Bluebridge ChurchApps.

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    Since mobile communication is quickly becoming common practice, it’s important for church leaders to decipher the difference between mobile apps and mobile sites. Equally important, church leaders must discern which option will best serve their church and its members, and then implement that option as quickly as possible! Thank your sharing this useful information for us to use!

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