ChurchMag Spotlight: Kevin D. Hendricks

December 17, 2013 by

The ChurchMag Spotlight features our own Kevin D. Hendricks (that’s me):

Eric Dye and I talk about the Tick, reading and church communication. Here are a few highlights:

The Biggest Church Marketing Lesson:

“This is going to sound kind of weak, but I think the biggest thing is they just need to do it.”

There are so many churches out there, the churches under 300 people, they don’t have a communications director. A lot of these churches are just small and they’re not focused on communication and marketing. … So many churches need to realize the importance of it and realize they’re already doing it.”

“Because this is the greatest story ever told, this is the gospel, and we want people to come to our churches and hear that. But if we’re not telling anybody, if we’re not bringing them in, then we’re not doing the great commission.”

Best Church Marketing Ever:

“When we talk about the worst church marketing ever or the best, those are difficult categories… so when I think of the best communication I’ve seen, it’s stuff that connects with people and that doesn’t require loads of money and all kinds of fancy stuff. It’s usually simple things, simple stories, simple testimonies. The age old testimony where people got up in church and told their story, that’s really powerful communication. … Capture that story, tell that story. Write it up in a few paragraphs, get a video on that person, even if it’s just your phone. Those stories are incredible.”

Good News for Small Churches:

“We’re not going to compete on slick production values, but we have cool stories we can share and that’s what’s going to work and where we can find success.” -Kevin

“Churches big and small; budgets big and small; those with technical skills, those without; those that are creative, those that are not; we can all do it, start with the story and go from there.” -Eric

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3 Responses to “ChurchMag Spotlight: Kevin D. Hendricks”

  • Eric Dye
    December 18, 2013

    Wow. When you put it in quotes like that, I sound all fancy and stuff. :P

    We need to do this again, Kevin. It was really fun!

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  • Vince Azzariti
    December 19, 2013

    What happened to Brad Abare? Does he still participate with CFCC?

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