Certification Lab: Interview With Stephen Brewster

Certification Lab: Interview With Stephen Brewster

September 27, 2013 by
Stephen Brewster is the creative arts pastor at Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tenn. He’s also one of the presenters and organizers of the Certification Lab, a two-day training intensive coming to Nashville in October. We talked to Stephen about what to expect at the Certification Lab:

What was your biggest struggle when you first started in church communication?

Stephen Brewster: I was so concerned about making cool stuff I forget to make stuff that connected. Connection matters far more than cool. When you make stuff that connects you can then make it cool. (Editor’s Note: Watch Stephen talk more about this.)

How would having the training of the Certification Lab changed that struggle?

Stephen: I think the Lab would have helped me understand the fundamentals of connection and that would have changed my primary focus.

My primary focus, the core filter for pieces, needed to be more about delivery of specific information that would meet leadership expectations rather than focusing on making art that inspired, first. Inspirational art packaging should come second to message. I would have shifted my thoughts more to finding the right stories to share information rather than great art that was tagged with a little information. This would have helped communicate our vision, mission, and detail to our church faster and more efficiently.

The Certification Lab is coming to your home turf in Nashville. What’s worth seeing and doing in Music City?

Stephen: Nashville is an amazing place. There is so much live music and great places to hang out. We also have some ridiculous restaurants. The Frist Center is a great museum and if you walk downtown any night of the week you will encounter some awesome honky tonks. If you make it out to Franklin, a little town on the south side of town it is like a cool version of Mayberry and where I call home. I love Nashville and can’t wait to share it with everyone!

What are you most looking forward to at the Certification Lab?

Stephen: I can’t wait to learn from these guys. They are awesome at what they do and they are so innovative. There is so much I look forward to learning.


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