Top CFCC News of 2012

Top CFCC News of 2012

December 26, 2012 by

It’s always encouraging to look back at the end of the year and see how far you’ve come. For our nonprofit parent, the Center for Church Communication, it’s been a busy year. Here are the top stories from 2012:

  • Creative Missions – We were proud of Creative Missions last year and we’re proud of it again this year. And yes, we’ll probably be proud of it again next year. It’s an awesome idea and we’re just happy we can support it. Each year creatives like you go on a missions trip to help churches communicate better. This year they helped churches in Northwest Arkansas and Joplin, Mo. In 2013 they’re going north to Alaska. Wanna go?
  • Firestarter – In 2010 we launched Firestarter, an initiative to recognize churches that have ignited ideas and sparked brilliant communication. We couldn’t pull it off again in 2011, but it’s back. Firestarter returned in 2012, thanks to the efforts of Adam Legg. Instead of highlighting a bunch of churches at once, we’re highlighting churches throughout the year. This year we highlighted Substance Church and Pathway Community Church, with more to come next year.
  • Stories – Our mission is to help churches communicate better. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what that means, but we hear stories all the time about how this blog has helped church communicators. That’s awesome. This year we started collecting and sharing those stories, including Anthony Miller, Greg Swan and David Woll. Hopefully it helps to showcase what we do here (and of course it’s major encouragement for us). Do you have a story to share?
  • Team Changes – Finally, we had some team changes this year, saying goodbye to our co-director Tim Schraeder, two rounds of board member changes and some new team members helping us out with specific projects. It’s always a little sad to see people step down, but that’s the way of things. We’re also very grateful for the new folks who have stepped up and we’re excited about what the future holds.

Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm for helping churches communicate better.

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