Preproduction Matters

Preproduction Matters

December 14, 2011 by

Christmas is getting closer! Are you ready?! As Christmas services and outreaches quickly approach, over at Planning Christmas we have more great ideas and insight to help get you and your team thinking strategically about how to prepare for Christmas.

This week on Planning Christmas, Whitney George from Church on the Move shares some great insights he and his team use in their creative process. They spend a lot of time and energy in preproduction and prototyping, allowing ideas to take shape.

“One of the mistakes a lot of artists make is that we jump from an idea or a concept to execution so fast, that we miss the preproduction side of things.”

Learn more about how Whitney and his team think through their ideas and create compelling experiences. Watch the video here.

You can also watch last year’s Celebrate With Family service at Church on the Move, or watch this year’s (going live on Christmas Eve).

And, to download tons of free resources for your church and follow along with the Church on the Move staff blog posts on creative ministry, children’s ministry and student ministry, check out Seeds!

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