Outspoken: Snippets

Outspoken: Snippets

September 13, 2011 by

The new book, Outspoken: Conversations on Church Communication, comes out Thursday. Yesterday we gave the book’s origins and complete list of contributors, as well as a tiny taste of what to expect. Today we want to give you a meatier taste.

Here are some snippets from the book:

“When it comes to communication: make excellence a value, make authenticity a mandate.” –Phil Bowdle

“If you want to reach people and get them talking about the essence of who you are, make yourself accessible.” –Cheryl Marting

“Instead of over promising, we should focus on what we’re good at right now.” –Bobby Chandler

“God’s vision for your church cannot afford to be miscommunicated.” –Scott Hodge

“The best person to reach an outsider is someone who has a relationship with them.” –Jon Dale

“The message loses effectiveness when the crowd controls communication.” –Gerry True

“Put your benchmarks against what God says is possible.” –Kent Shaffer

“Substance, not style, ultimately wins.” –Maurilio Amorim

“Your brand is much bigger than your church logo.” –Chad Cannon

“A great church deserves great art.” –Ben Arment

“Anyone can write well, all it takes is a little rewriting.” –Jennifer Schuchmann

“I believe God uses our work in ways we cannot possibly fathom.” –K.C. Walsh

“Great communicators breathe life into words.” –Dawn Bryant

“Fewer words = better.” –Jesse Phillips

“Your website needs to be your church’s billboard.” –Jeremy Scheller

“Love the people in your community enough to make an effort to meet them where they are—searching Google.” –Paul Steinbrueck

“Be who you is.” –Bianca Juarez-Olthoff

“If you want to see a communication revolution in your church, you can’t sit on the sidelines and criticize.” –Tony Steward

“Everything we say, everything we do, everything we are—is marketing our church.” –Steve Fogg

“To discover the real needs of our community we’ve got to get into the trenches.” –Dave Blanchard

“The fewer messages we deliver, the more likely the important messages will be heard.” –Tony Morgan

“May we as communicators represent the life of Christ in a way that attempts not to bring people into our world, but instead moves us to dwell among outsiders in a way that is authentic, loving, and purposefully present.” –Brad Abare

And that’s just a sampling. Wait until you see the whole book. You can order your copy on Thursday. Download a free preview if you just can’t wait.

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