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The Echo Conference wrapped up today. But that doesn’t have to be the end. We’ve got the discussion board at the Church Marketing Lab to keep the conversations going, and the Church Marketing Directory to keep the vendors and business connections available and a list of the notes from the keynotes and breakout groups below. If you were a business or vendor at the conference and you are not yet a part of our directory, you can add yourself here.

Thanks to our very own Tim Schraeder and other attendees who generously have been blogging through the conference, here is a list of notes/video we found:

General wrap-up

Echo Day 1 Recap video  -posted by TheMrCrum

Echo Day 2 Recap video -posted by TheMrCrum

Keynote: Scott Belsky

“Genius is 1% inspirations and 99% perspiration. – Thomas Edison   Focus on the 99%.” -notes by Tim Schraeder

“Most ideas never happen. Even great ideas suffer great odds.”  -notes by

“With great passion comes creativity, and creativity is a double edged sword. It gives us great ideas, but also gives us too many ideas, which prevents the one idea from never happening.” -notes by Josh Burns

Keynote: Andy Crouch

“Every story is driven by a sender that wants to deliver something [the object] to a receiver.” -notes by Tim Schraeder

“A happier ending – is the culture that you’re creating offering people a glimpse of something glorious beyond what they could expect. Because that is what God is offering the world.” -notes by Josh Burns

Keynote: Jon Acuff

“God is bigger than your project, your budget needs, or the challenge you are up against in your community.” -notes by Tim Schraeder

“We are the “I’m, but” generation.  I’m a ________ but want to be a _______. What do you do in the gaps between where you are and where you want to be.”  -notes by

“Anytime you come up against a big project, other fears get loud.” -notes by Josh  Burns

Breakout: Develop A Powerful Web Strategy

“You have 43 seconds of someone’s initial attention when they come to your website. 27% of people in church less than a year found it online first.” -notes by

Breakout: Create with Purpose & Strategy

“If we continue to create without purpose, we will continue to chase the latest fad…and never catch up.” -notes by Josh Burns

Breakout: Untitled: A conversation about the creative process

“It’s the artist’s job to accept that the work will be very, very hard; to understand the importance of deep reflection and to fight the forces of fear and resistance, all in the name of filling blank pages with beauty.”  -notes by Tim Schraeder

Breakout:  Your Bad Design Means You Don’t Love People

“What is design? It’s not just aesthetics, Photoshop or the last step in a process.  Design is every decision made about an experience, product or service.  Design is decisions, so everyone is a designer in some way.  People can contribute in their specialized area.” -notes by

Breakout: More Than A Profile: Social Media Strategy

“Anyone can set up a social media profile.  People set up accounts acting like cats. But can we have a strategy?” -notes by

Breakout: The Creative’s Desire To Be Known

“Twitter is 140 characters of a billion characters that really make up your life.” -notes by Tim Schraeder

Breakout: Less Control, More Influence

“We’re the last to know how we’re coming across. Back down, and take a chill pill. We are all exponentially more effective when we learn from people who think and see differently than we do.” -notes by Josh Burns

Breakout: Process of the Process

“The length of time, tools, ways that you do things should be allowed to change.”  -notes by Josh Burns

Breakout: I am not a trend

“Until we recognize our identity we will never lead the way.” -notes by Josh Burns

Breakout: Social Media Effectiveness

“Craft your content not just for your community, but for your platform.” -notes by Josh Burns

Do you have notes posted that we didn’t include? Post a link in the comments section below.

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