Christian Web Conference Set to Bridge Web Gap

Christian Web Conference Set to Bridge Web Gap

March 29, 2011 by

The writer of Ecclesiastes wrote that there is a “time for everything.” A time to live and a time to die. A time to build and a time to tear down. A time to tweet and a time to think about tweeting.


Yes, there are conferences that encourage you to use the conference hashtag to tweet your thoughts about the gathering. Then there are conferences that encourage you to look at why people are using Twitter and the ministry implications behind it. “What does the rise of social media mean for the way we preach the gospel?” CWC is one of those conferences.

The Christian Web Conference (CWC) is set to launch on April 14, 2011 at Biola University in sunny Southern California. With a mission to “bring web leaders and creatives together as they collaborate and implement ideas by building relationships with one another,” CWC seeks to build up a community of web-savvy gospel communicators who desire to build God’s kingdom online.

Interested? Here’s a quick description from the conference website:

The Christian Web Conference is a place where the web’s top thinkers can collaborate on ideas and discuss how to implement them on the web. The conference is unique because it is a place where you can engage with one another by taking a philosophical, introspective, and futuristic look at New Media practices. We are cultivating a tight-nit community where people will be refreshed, challenged, and inspired in their thinking; a gathering through which big ideas and blessings online can be shared to the joy of all; an experience which will lift people from their place to see the big picture of God’s work in the world through the web.

The Center for Church Communication is proud to be a part of the presenting efforts of this year’s conference. We want to offer our readers a 25% discount code. Just enter CWC25 when registering and save yourself some cash while learning from some of the brightest minds in new media ministry. People like:

Make sure you’re a fan of Church Marketing Sucks on Facebook, as we’ll be giving away two tickets to CWC tomorrow (3/30) thanks to the generous folks on the planning team! In the meantime, check out the CWC website, speaker bios and schedule, and get yourself registered!

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2 Responses to “Christian Web Conference Set to Bridge Web Gap”

  • Dale Best
    March 29, 2011

    It’s interesting that this particular question is asked of this conference.

    Take John Piper, for example. Several weeks ago, he used social media to publicly and harshly dismiss a brother in Christ.

    If Desiring God is sponsoring the conference, how can what Piper did be considered “building relationships with one another”

    My two cents…

    Hoping to be at this conference. Can’t wait to hear Tony Morgan in person for the first time…

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  • keaton
    March 30, 2011

    Thank the Lord. It seems like an inordinate amount of Church web and graphic design is stuck in a time warp. I hope the attendance is stellar and includes many, many church leaders.

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