Church Marketing Lab: More Than Pretty Pictures

Church Marketing Lab: More Than Pretty Pictures

October 15, 2010 by

One misconception people can have about the Church Marketing Lab is that it’s only a place for graphic designers to go and share their pretty pictures. But it’s so much more.

The focus of the group isn’t simply design feedback, but discussion and encouragement on how churches can take their communication to the next level. And how’s this story for encouragement?

There’s a married couple that really caught my attention because they spend more time trying to help others than asking for help themselves. When they caught my attention and I asked how I could help them they said “support your local homeless shelter.”

Anyway, Mark [Horvath] made me aware that the wife really likes graphic design and if I wanted to help suggested that I spark that interest. I’d like to buy her a copy of Adobe Elements (figured it has less of a learning curve and isn’t as resource heavy) and then I got to thinking, what if we (the lab) bought her that and a new laptop?

Long story short, the Church Marketing Lab made Photoshop Elements a reality for this family, and we hope to see some of their creations coming to life soon.

As always, there was more than one good discussion going on. Check these out:  on web developers and IT folks, custom Facebook fan pages and why churches need projection screens.

And for those of you more visually inclined, drop by the photo pool.

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