Church Marketing Lab: New Site, Logo Work, and More

Church Marketing Lab: New Site, Logo Work, and More

February 18, 2011 by

Plenty has been going on in the Church Marketing Lab lately, and we’re still amazed at the number of readers we come across who have never heard of it. So we’re here to show you a little bit of what’s going on and, for the uninitiated, let you know what the Church Marketing Lab does.

What is the Church Marketing Lab?

It’s a place for church communicators to give and receive feedback. Have a design you’re looking to improve? Wondering how your church can better utilize a new technology? Trying to choose a T-shirt provider? Wanting some feedback on a marketing strategy? The Church Marketing Lab is the place to ask other church communicators those questions.

Great, so what are some example of Church Marketing Lab content?

One huge way folks are engaging is by sharing their designs, both complete and in-progress, and getting feedback from other church communicators.

Here are some designs we’ve seen pass through lately:

Lent 2011 DEVO Cover

This is a cover for a devotional that will augment the journey through Lent.

Website Mockup

Star of Bethlehem has a new Web site in the works.

DK Flower Logo

Discover Kids is working on a new logo.


This sermon series graphic is commemorating a 5-year church anniversary.

But it’s not all pretty pictures. The Church Marketing Lab can be a great place for all sorts of church communicators to help one another out. Here are some discussions we’ve seen bubbling up recently:

So if you’re in a bind with your communication, don’t hesitate to head on over and ask the community in the Church Marketing Lab.

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4 Responses to “Church Marketing Lab: New Site, Logo Work, and More”

  • Paul Bergum
    March 1, 2011

    Is this the place to get a new logo design? We are currently undertaking a redevelopment with a focus on a community need.

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  • Michael Buckingham
    March 1, 2011

    Not here Paul, but you can post a request at

    (or feel free to give me a shout)

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  • Jim Robbins
    March 8, 2011

    Why isn’t the Church Marketing Lab open to submissions from para-church ministries? By definition, aren’t we all serving the Church/the Kingdom? I was hoping to get some feedback on my website.

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  • Michael Buckingham
    March 8, 2011

    I hear you Jim, and as we look to expand the lab maybe that’s something we can open it up to. As it is the lab’s focus allows us to keep things running smoothly and on track. Truth is we are all serving the Kingdom, doctors, computer techs, para-church…but we had to create boundaries somewhere.

    My hope is that you’ll become a part of the lab, build relationships and those can serve outside of those boundaries.

    Feel free to shoot me an email with you site and I’ll send some feedback.

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