Summer Marketing Strategy Poll Results

July 13, 2010 by
Summer Marketing Strategy Poll Results

Summer is upon us. Temperatures have been nearing triple-digits across the country, blockbuster movies are rolling through the box office and your churches are making summer shifts. Or are they? We asked just¬†that question in last week’s poll, and here are the updates from your churches:

30% of you are just going to keep on trucking. You don’t care what season it is, you’re going to do your normal thing and trust that folks will come. Another 25% of you are hosting a Vacation Bible School, calling it a summer strategy, and headed off to the grill. But you’re not doing much more than that.

The next two groups cover both ends of the spectrum. 20% of your churches are taking the season to relax. You’re scaling back and getting a good dose of rest to push hard in the fall. And another 15% are staying more active than ever. You’re using this time to be more present in your community than you’ve ever been before.

8% of respondents’ churches are hitting up summer school. It’s the time where they focus the most on the growth and development of their own members with classes, workshops and training. While they focus their energy inward for a bit, only a tiny portion of churches, 3%, are using the summer for blockbuster after blockbuster, trying to draw as many people in as possible.

And the saddest, loneliest option that nobody chose? Taking the summer to vacation and focusing most of your energy on mission trips.

This week, we turn our eye to social networks. Let us know: How does your church primarily use social media?

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  • john
    October 7, 2010

    interesting statistics. Out of all of the strategise, which one(s) seem to be the most beneficial for growth. I would like to talk to you further, we are looking for strategies to grow and are open to ideas.

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