The Church vs. Lost Poll Results

June 8, 2010 by
The Church vs. Lost Poll Results

For many of us, a season of our life has just come to a close. The thing that happened in the final episode of LOST happened (are we still avoiding spoilers from that, Internet?), and we’ve moved on. But it’s a good time for the church to reflect on what LOST did so right and how we can learn. So let’s hear it, brilliant readers, why do you think the church is losing out to LOST?

30% of you never went down the rabbit hole of LOST, so you can’t give much of an opinion. A long time doubter myself, I can sympathize. But beware, once you get started, you might watch all 121 episodes in three months.

Slightly less of you, 28%, would argue that we leave out the mystery. It’s all about giving answers and solving problems instead of about telling a great story and being all right with some loose ends.

Next up are the peaceful 19% of you who don’t think it’s a competition and that the church isn’t losing out to LOST. You want to save the science fiction for TV shows and keep trying to be the church instead of copying success from other sectors.

Another 14% of respondents argue that the church is only doing things one day a week, and when you don’t have variety, you lose. LOST did a great job of creating social media campaigns, series spinoffs and sundry other extra material to keep viewers involved throughout their week—an apt lesson for once-a-week churches.

The last handful of you suggest production quality as the culprit. LOST was full of whiz-bangs and eye-popping special effects, but your church tends to be full of bad singing and dusty pulpits. You can’t compete with that.

This week, we’d like to know, how do you feel about church staff attending a different church? Let your voice be heard in the sidebar on the Church Marketing Sucks home page.

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