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2009_06_09_youradvertisingpollresults.jpgI originate from the deep south. The suburbs mind you, but I’m only about 10 miles–or two generations–from south so deep that even the word “south” has three syllables. Down in these parts, you can’t spit without hitting an advertisement for one of the countless little (or big) churches. Lots of churches around here would have the honorable distinction of checking all the options in this week’s poll. But what about your church? Let’s see…

The most popular option is for the 20% of you who have advertised in your local paper. Despite papers being a dying breed, there’s nothing that feels quite as “local” as your town’s paper. But the Internet is moving in on the local paper’s territory. (Haven’t we heard that before?) 18% of you have advertised online.

Local advertisers round out the double digits with the 15% of you who have tried the yellow pages, 12% who use local fairs and events and 11% advertising on local radio stations. It’s nice to see churches staying committed to local advertising.

An aside: It’s always blown my mind how many churches advertise on Christian radio. I guess there’s lots of competition for the “I’m a Christian who happened to have just moved here and had no churches recommended to me” and “I was converted through Christian radio and haven’t found a church yet” groups.

5% of you do yard signs, and 5% do television advertisement. TV is tough because it’s so doggone expensive, and yard signs are tough because your church appears to be running for office.

And 14% of you have done something else, so let’s hear about that in the comments.

This week, click through to let us know: What recently-reviewed church marketing book does your church staff most need to read?

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2 Responses to “Your Advertising Poll Results”

  • Walter Wimberly
    June 9, 2009

    I attend a small church in the greater Orlando, Fl area (which isn’t really in the south if you look at who lives there).
    As a way of advertising our events, we use flyers handed out at near by fast food restaurants. Both Wendy’s which is near our church, and the local Chick-Fil-A, which is a few miles away have been willing to put them on the trays for dining room diners. We’ve also had some luck at other fast food joints, but not as consistitantly, mainly it depends on who the manager is.
    We also use mailers on occasion (about twice a year) to the local neighborhood for upcoming series.

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  • Chad
    June 18, 2009

    our church used Facebook ads for the first time to promote a conference we just finished this weekend…with surprisingly positive results. over 540 clicks in 10 days with a favorable response/action-to-cost ratio. we’re planning on a deeper, more widespread campaign for outreach that is not as directly connected to our church but more about salvation. we’ll keep you informed.

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