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October 8, 2008 by

The Collide magazine blog just began “an ongoing and open-ended series devoted to convincing you, the church leader, not to use media.”

Scott McClellan quickly clarifies, “Yes, Collide exists to encourage the use of media and technology in the Church … the proper use.”

And number one is calling you out for using media just for the sake of using media. Keep an eye over there for subsequent posts (like this one with a rather painful picture). It will be a great challenge to church communicators who have gotten addicted to media and can’t wait for their next Sunday morning fix.

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Joshua Cody

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One Response to “Stop Using Media”

  • Peter J. Walker
    October 18, 2008

    Yes! Quit using technology for the SAKE of technology. If I see one more PowerPoint presentation where the pastor, in essence, reads the material straight from his slideshow, I’m going to puke. And youth pastors: home videos dubbed to crappy Christian rock aren’t “relevant.” They’re lazy.

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