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2008_10_28_halloweeningpollresults.jpgIt’s only a few days until that strange time of year where churches get all riled up on opposing sides of the debate and argue until they’re blue in the face. No, not the election. Halloween. So we naturally took to the streets of the Internet to figure out how your church celebrates H-day.

To begin, there was a notable omission in the possible answers. “Nothing.” Without even pausing to realize my own church does nothing, I forgot to include that as an answer, so that’s probably a big chunk of you 22% something else-rs.

Almost half of you have some sort of creative way to celebrate that which much not be named without actually naming it. Maybe a “Fall Festival,” “Trunk or Treat,” “Harvest Hoedown” or a “Pumpkin Party.” But surely you use alliteration to promote this event and keep elementary children off the streets.

Another 21% of you actually promote trick-or-treating out in the neighborhood. In an increasingly litigious society, you’re running the risk of being sued you when a kid gets a stomachache from eating too many Sour Patch Kids.

Among the rest of you, 5% choose to celebrate All Saint’s Fest instead, 2% wig out and try to exorcise the trick-or-treaters and a whopping 0% give some sort of presentation to scare the kiddies away from Hell or give them hope on a holiday from the dark side.

I can’t believe there are no offerings of “Tribulation Trail” or “Judgement House [sic].” (Editor’s note: I actually saw an incredibly well-designed ad and logo for a church’s event called “Judgement House.” Apparently after good design, spell checking was out of the budget.)

This week, we are looking to find out, how is your church approaching the upcoming presidential election? Forget Fox News and CNN for election results, check back here next week for the poll results on that pressing question.

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Joshua Cody

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7 Responses to “Halloweening Poll Results”

  • Jeremy
    October 29, 2008

    Our “something else” is ‘we’re not doing anything.’ Sucky but true. Gotta get that none-of-the-above option in those polls!

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  • Jason
    October 29, 2008

    On the Wednesday before Halloween (Tonight) we have “Trunk or Treat”. The kids get dressed up and walk around our parking lot w/ their parents, and instead of going door to door, they go car trunk to car trunk. It’s like tailgating for candy. A fun, safe alternative (or addition) to trick-or-treating.

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  • KenS
    October 29, 2008

    “(Editor’s note: I actually saw an incredibly well-designed ad and logo for a church’s event called “Judgement House.” Apparently after good design, spell checking was out of the budget.)”
    You might want to do a little more research before you post an editor’s comment like this. While attempting to sound progressive you have come across quite “judgemental”.
    First, look up “judgement” or ‘judgment” in the dictionary. You will find that both are acceptable spellings.
    Second, check out http://www.judgementhouse.org. While you, or I, for that matter may not agree with the design or methods that they promote, the fact remains that they have seen almost 400,000 teens come to Christ through this ministry.
    I read CMS and find things sometimes enlightening, sometimes astonishing, sometimes challenging, but I also find that often you look down your nose offering judgEment in place of help.

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  • Joshua Cody
    October 29, 2008

    @KenS – we’re glad you’re dialoging with us on this one.
    Multiple spellings are possible for the word “judgment,” but the fact remains that using a spelling that is significantly less-prevalent without reason is no more than a distraction.
    And I didn’t at all look to detract from what they’re doing (regardless of my particular beliefs regarding the efficacy of this type of approach), and I even complimented their design.
    We’re glad we’re challenging you, and we’re glad you’re challenging back. Keep up the conversation!

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  • Tim Bulkeley
    October 29, 2008

    Where I come from UK and now NZ the spelling they use is the normal one, and the one you prefer is the abnormal one “There’s nowt so queer as folks!” as my old grandmother used to say ;)

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  • andrewm
    October 30, 2008

    I’m a little disappointed that Reformation Day wasn’t an option in the poll :)

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  • Timothy
    October 30, 2008

    Reformation Day is a great idea! I’m trying to get the kids to nail miniature “95 Theses” to the doors in their neighborhoods (just kidding!).
    Our church does a Harvest Party which actually attracts a large percentage of the community. This year, the high school group is also hosting something similar to a “Judgment House” along with a teen-oriented concert/program.
    And then Saturday, we pick up all the pieces!

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