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2008_01_15presidentialmarketingpoll.jpgIf you’ve kept up with the presidential race at all, you’ve been bombarded with tricky ploys, clever slogans, crazy ads and a thousand other marketing moves. So we wanted to know which move you would love to pull off for your church. Here’s what you thought:

The majority of you wanted the deep pockets of Mitt Romney. A personal fortune lets him do most anything he wants, and you guys think this would be helpful for your church. What are you thinking? Eradicating poverty in your city? A sweet new building? A pastoral Rolls Royce?

The next biggest percentage of you, 21%, would rather launch a church blimp, a la Ron Paul. Then, from hundreds of feet, everyone could see the name of your church. Maybe you could even offer free rides to first-time visitors.

16% of you want a celebrity endorsement. Barack Obama has Oprah, Mike Huckabee has Chuck Norris … First Community Church of Your Town could have anyone–Britney Spears, George Bush, Church Marketing Sucks. The possibilities are endless.

Another 14% of you want your pastor to be a part of a network TV series, like Fred Thompson of Law and Order. Maybe Extreme Life Makeover or a pastoral karaoke show is waiting in the wings.

Rounding out the bottom, 7% of you want to follow Dennis Kucinich and hype your staff’s UFO sightings. Another 7% of you want to take a cue from John Edwards and put some green in your logo, to let folks know you care about the environment.

This week, we want to know, how does your church distribute its news?

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  • Read Scott
    January 16, 2008

    Sunday morning slides, bulletin handout on Sunday, email. A little on our website, but it doesn’t get many hits, which is one purpose I have at my church…revitalize our web presence.

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