Church Marketing: What Not to Do

August 24, 2007 by

I’ve been collecting a few links over the past few weeks as church stories caught my attention, and in case anyone wasn’t quite sure, here are three ways not to market your church.

  1. Fall into a scandal resulting in a $600 million payout.
  2. Have a member smuggle $28,000 from the collection plate.
  3. Embezzle over a million dollars from the church you pastor.

There’s not much humor in these stories, and there’s not too much to say, but there is a little bit of a silver lining. In the final story, all the money was recovered, and so far, over $300,000 has been sent to global missions.

I guess it was less of a smuggling and more of a savings account. The two who stole the money held onto it for the church, and when the church got it back, it was like a big payoff. And they decided to do good with that money.

A principle here? These articles show that how you handle tragedy and injustice are far more important than the tragedies and injustices themselves. Everyone in the world who isn’t a member of your church is watching to see what you do when faced by tragedy–take the opportunity to do good.

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