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2007_08_21churchlistspoll.jpgLast week we asked what you thought of recent lists like the top 20 church logos and the 25 most innovative churches. From what we’ve seen, there are people who hate them and people who love them. So the latest in a long series of lists, we present the top 5 answers to this week’s poll:

5. I guess some people might like them, but they aren’t for me. Bringing up the bottom of the list is the 4% of you who think they might work for others.

4. They’re interesting, but definitely nothing worth thinking much about. 13% of you think that they’re fun while they last, but they don’t carry too much weight.

3. Psh. These lists are ridiculous. The haters of church lists had a disappointing showing, only coming in third with 19% of the vote.

2. The idea is good, but the execution is poor. Let’s have something more democratic! 21% of you want something better. Do you have suggestions in the comments?

1. They’re great! They give churches something to strive for. 41% of you are big fans of the lists. We’ll keep them coming for you guys.

This week, let us know what your church’s plans are for football season. The new poll is up, so be sure to weigh in.

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3 Responses to “Church Lists Poll Results”

  • Bryan
    August 21, 2007

    A few thoughts from Drew Goodmanson (
    “Why are America’s Most Innovative Churches also some of the largest in America? Northpoint, NewSpring, Saddleback et al are nominees for the award in 2008. Is this like when Taco Bell wins best Mexican food because it’s the most voted place in town? Aren’t there small churches who are doing innovative things too? It seems like smaller churches should have more freedom to be innovative. House church movements? Harbor’s multi-site, multi-congregational non-video venue model? Soma’s multi-congregational, involved discipleship (street walking) and dialogue based services? How about people who are doing amazing mercy ministries, changing a city, Tentmakers, re-thinking church structures based on changing paradigms?
    Hmmm…according to the survey these aren’t considered as much as podcasts, blogging, websites, social networking, film production and video venues ….”

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  • Scott Lenger
    August 22, 2007

    The identity of the Church is not formed by any clever slogan or snazzy graphic but through death and resurrection.
    If a church feels that a logo is important for defining its identity it should at least have that identity communicate something about what the Church is, and not simply be another gap ad.

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  • Jim McGee
    August 23, 2007

    I like the lists, but I do wish candidates were identified and then voted on by a more democratic process.
    Church logos need to communicate both to the unchurched (how a community aspires to live out its identity) and to the churched (differentiating from other churches). It’s not easy.
    Now, how ’bout a list of the best (and worst) church taglines!

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