Rappin’ Pastors, Renamin’ Churches, Sharin’ Graphics

December 15, 2006 by
  • Rapping Pastors – When we did our Christmas marketing poll we forgot all about full-on rap videos. I bet that would have beaten out extra services. Who wants extra church when you can have rapping pastors? The creative promotion has landed the church in the newspaper, TV and Hannity & Colmes. Pastor Gary Lamb also offers some encouragement to his church in the face of some criticism. That’s right–forget the haters and shake it, Santa!
  • Shared Worship Background Graphics – Inspired by the Church Marketing Lab, this group is all about, well, sharing worship background graphics. Rather than critique, this is about sharing and using.
  • Hog Church No More – Hog Mountain Baptist Church is voting to change its name (they’re dropping the hog, not the Baptist), mainly because much of the area has dropped the name, but also because “in the Bible, hogs are associated with sin.” Huh? In other church name change news (somebody should start a blog dedicated to church name changes), History Church in Reston, Va. is considering a name change. Pastor Ben Arment is blogging about the process, and keeping us updated. So far he’s learned that people want “Reston” in the name, as well as words like “hope” and “new”. I think it’s settled then–Reston New Hope Not-a-Baptist Church. Or maybe they could take Brad’s much-maligned recent post in an ugly new direction and sell off naming rights: Crest White Strips Church of Reston has a nice ring to it, just like your smile when you use Crest White Strips™.
  • Lighted Cross Sparks Controversy – “It’s right smack dab in the middle of my view. It looks like a beer sign.” Wow, apparently the Jesus in a pint and King of Jews/King of Beers ads are working.
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2 Responses to “Rappin’ Pastors, Renamin’ Churches, Sharin’ Graphics”

  • Jonathan Ross
    December 17, 2006

    If anyone really does want to know about church name changes, just set up a google alert for it.
    I just heard of a church here in the UK which changed its name in about a week, with few problems.
    I think a lot of it depends upon how its done.

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  • jenevive
    December 20, 2006

    Rapping pastors, huh? I have to give them credit for being unique! That was pretty funny. We’ve had our own rappin’ pastors at Everlasting Mercy Fellowship since we started in 2002. The Associate Pastor (and even Sr. Pastor) jump in with freestyle verses as a part of Sunday worship. Feel free to check it out on the downloads page. *shameless plug* :)

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