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November 28, 2006 by

If you were planting a new church, where would you first spend your money?Last week we asked about church plants and where they should spend their money. We got quite a few responses, especially for a poll that appeared over the holidays, but we also let the poll run a few extra days.

The big initial item on the church planter’s budget was staff with 30%. But not far behind were the 29% who asked what money. 14% saw launch marketing as a worthy initial investment. 9% voted for an appealing temporary location, 8% for a web site and 7% for brand identity. 4% had other ideas, including proof reading, technology, coffee and–my favorite response–“a fancy new car with cool graphics about the church on it!”

We’ve mentioned it before, but a helpful resource for church planters is the Ridge Stone Backstage site, which chronicles the lessons of a church plant in Georgia. And while it’s not specifically about church planting, the Momentum Conference is about portable churches and might be worth checking out.

This week we’re asking which of our new Church Marketing Sucks T-shirts is your favorite. We also went all high-tech and fancy and posted some images in our poll. Pretty snazzy, huh? Maybe next week we should poll you on which type of poll you prefer.

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One Response to “Church Plant Poll”

  • David Tensen
    November 29, 2006

    Hi Guys,
    Interesting poll. Our church here is Tokyo gets most of it’s newcomers from the internet BUT it takes staff and volunteers to do that as well as spending money of websites. Which comes first?
    Anyway, keep up the outstanding work. Your site has been a great source of encouragement and resource to us as we’ve recently put together for the Japanese people (bi-lingual). And so far, the traffic has been fantastic.
    Thanks again
    Dave Tensen

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