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  • All We Like Sheep – “This god of consumerism shows no resemblance to the Consuming Fire described in Scripture. People may say they believe in Jesus, but the archaic Lord, who calls forth sacrifice, promises suffering in this life, and demands obedience for his glory, the one Barth described as ‘wholly other’ is not what they have in mind. They’re thinking of the Jesus that adorns t-shirts and SUV tailgates.”
  • It’s Always Something at Mars Hill Church – Mark Driscoll talks about negative media attention Mars Hill has recently received.
  • The Science Behind Your Church’s Facility – Flooring, lighting, decorations and signage should have intentionality backed by what works.
  • Church Math – Are church attendance figures inflated?
  • Willow Creek Drops Young Adult Service – Moves away from the niche offering: “Young people are actually yearning for a holistic community, he said, ‘rather than something that looks like a club.'”
  • Tony Morgan on ICC – The Innovative Church Conference is happening today and Tony Morgan, among others, is offering some live blog action. And you’ve got to love Mark Batterson’s list of Perry-isms. Funny stuff.
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  • Brandon Meek
    September 23, 2006

    This is a great little roundup of links. I found the church facility one and the willow creek one especially interesting.

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