Church Marketing Lab Round Up #8

May 19, 2006 by

saturateThe Church Marketing Lab. Have you heard about it? 211 other people have, and they’re taking part in the Great Commission by helping churches communicate better so they can reach more people. We hope you’ll join us (check out the guidelines if you need some help).

Saturate – flyer for a worship service. Offer some feedback on their youth camp poster as well.

No Perfect People – backgrounds for a sermon series.

Youth group web site – check out the earlier version as well.

memday_thing_PPTThat Memorial Day Weekend Thing – slide promoting a weekend event. Also take a gander at the Ohana kids camp art (did I just use the word ‘gander’?)

Cure for the Common Life – golf video promoting an upcoming series.

Power & Authority Tabernacle
– web site design. Check out the earlier version as well.

Scum – student leadership booklet and application.

Worship slideWorship slide – advertising a college worship event. Also check out the bulletin insert and a flyer for a singles event.

Toxic Faith – graphic for a sermon.

Uniquely Jesus graphic – college group graphic for multiple uses.

The Big Picture MainRoad trip – postcard promoting a sermon series. Also take a peek at their billboard slide (‘peek’? Seriously? It must be Friday.)

Youth Camp – postcard for a youth camp. In German! Check out the other German designs including Weihnachtsgeschichte, Welcher Gott passt zu mir?, Prisma and Kaleido Skop.

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