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Sept./Oct. 2005 Relevant MagazineThe Sept/Oct 2005 issue of Relevant magazine just showed up in the mail, and while flipping through it I was surprised to see something familiar on page 67: Church Marketing Sucks. Pop culture columnist Jason Boyett (author of Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse) gives us some props in his column.

Welcome to all the Relevant readers—thanks for stopping by. Some good places to start include What is Marketing? and Why We Use ‘Sucks’. If you like what you see, you can help spread the word or you can directly help churches do better marketing by giving your thoughts and ideas in our peer reviews.

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Kevin D. Hendricks

When Kevin isn't busy as the editor of Church Marketing Sucks, he runs his own writing and editing company, Monkey Outta Nowhere. Kevin has been blogging since 1998, runs the hyperlocal site West St. Paul Reader, and has published several books, including 137 Books in One Year: How to Fall in Love With Reading, The Stephanies and all of our church communication books.
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4 Responses to “Props from Relevant Magazine”

  • orrin
    August 27, 2005

    relevant is one of the best things out there.

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  • mike
    August 28, 2005

    I think that Relevant is a great example of trying way too hard. Quit being relevant and give me reality.

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  • thoughts
    August 30, 2005

    2005 Summer Blogging Review

    With the summer winding down and me blogging like a mad man all over the place (except maybe here), I thought it’d be a good idea to take a page from the Jason Kottke book and do a summer blog…

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  • mycbrad
    September 13, 2005

    I came over from reading Relevant. Great site.

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