Church Marketing Case Study: The Perfect Job

July 18, 2005 by

Graphic designer Corey Witt recently e-mailed us about a church marketing case study he posted on his site. Richfield Community Church in Yorba Linda, Calif. was the client and they received a total image overhaul, everything including logo, identity, letterhead and a web site (though Witt notes that they’ve departed a bit from the original web design since the project was finished).

The case study chronicles Witt’s experience with the church and why he calls it “the perfect job.” It should give church leaders a good perspective from the outside.

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Kevin D. Hendricks

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2 Responses to “Church Marketing Case Study: The Perfect Job”

  • Karen of Scottsdale
    July 19, 2005

    Thanks for the info on Corey. He is definitely inspiring for those of us who are doing graphic design and web sites. There is one problem however — there is no way to contact him on his web site. LOL He has a contact page and says you need to e-mail him but does not give an e-mail address or a link. There is no phone number either. I wonder how much business he gets from that web site?
    PS: Kevin, you might e-mail him with that information. :-)

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  • corey
    July 19, 2005

    There’s an email address on there, but it’s spelled out in directions. In the past, as soon as I post an email link on my site, the crawlers find it and send me hundreds of emails advertising the usual mind-numbing junk. From the contact page:
    “You’ll need to contact us by opening your favorite email application and sending a note to “info” at this website so we can see how much spam is in your diet.”

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