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evangelism-outreach Article
February 4, 2005

Homeless Man, Here’s A Home

Danny Westneat of The Seattle Times wrote an article earlier this week about “tent city,” a traveling collection of up to 30 homeless men who plant themselves in church parking ...

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technology Article
February 3, 2005

Web Pages That Suck

Web Pages That Suck presents the Biggest Web Design Mistakes of 2004. It includes some great pointers, including the reminder that your web site exists to meet people’s needs–not yours. ...

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evangelism-outreach Article
February 2, 2005


“The church exists for mission, and … a church that is only inward looking is not truly the church.” -Samuel Escobar, The New Global Mission (via CT)…

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think-ahead Article
February 1, 2005

Valentine’s Day, Church Marketing Style

There’s a neat article by Jim Trippon over at the PRWeb on Valentine’s Day Tips: “Does Saying ‘I Love You’ Mean Maxing Out Your Credit Cards?” He’s got some truly ...

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