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December 6, 2004 by

One of the Twin Cities’ alternative weeklies went to church last week, offering an article exploring the mega-church after an election supposedly decided by moral values. The author visited Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie and the piece gives an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ experience (complete with illustrations) of the bewildering mega-church movement. The piece also closes with plenty of fair questions but no room for real answers.

But the perspective alone is what’s interesting. In a sense, this is what church looks like to the ousider. One of the hardest things for churches to do is understand what it’s like for a newcomer.

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Kevin D. Hendricks

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  • justjeff
    December 8, 2004

    Nice article. As a pastor of a church, I can say that if this had been written about my church I would hope I would recieve a similar favorable report. “Favorable” you say? For sure. “Are you kidding me? No. “Why?” Because the author’s hangup isn’t with the Church; it’s her perception of the institution of the church. Sure, the church is guilty of being busy for busy sake. We can be narrow-minded because answers are easier if you don’t have to factor “people” into the equasion and only focus on “issues.” Still, the author said the people she encountered were “a friendly bunch—straight-edged, respectful, nice” – not a bad evaluation. In fact, it’s what you’d like to hear from a visitor.
    The author’s real issue is this – “Is there really only one way to feed the soul?” That’s something the church (“institution”) can’t answer for her. No apolgetics will ever convince her. The answer is clear – Jesus is “the Way.” Maybe if more of the Church (people) will be willing to journey with people through thier questions, they will find “the Way.” She may never step inside another church. But I pray the Lord will surround her with “it.”

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