Newsflash: Church is for Sinners; Pamela Anderson Teaches Sunday School

September 5, 2004 by

Christianity Today’s weblog is linking to an interesting item about former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson teaching Sunday school. A potentially risky Google search reveals that it’s old news, a story that appeared as early as December 2002, resurfaced in November 2003, and has come up again this past week.

Apparently it’s hard to believe that someone who appeared on the cover of Playboy a record 12 times would be teaching Sunday school. You can just hear the zingers coming. There’s so many things that could be said about church marketing and a former Playboy model teaching Sunday school. But let’s not go there. Church marketing isn’t so bad that we need to take a cue from the Hooters’ book of marketing.

What’s most intriguing about this story is that despite a past that would cause a few raised eyebrows in the pew, this mother of two is not letting her past hinder what God can do today. Celebrity spirituality can come and go like the popularity of boy bands (or be as clear as mud — a 2003 story claims her latest project is an animated series with Stan Lee called “Striperella”), but the Bible is pretty clear that past sins and a lifetime of mistakes will not hinder God. Church marketing should reflect as much, never giving the impression that pews are reserved for the polished and perfect.

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  • jen
    August 21, 2005

    i agree i am a sinner and worse than i used to be because i chose celibacy and became lonely and angry so who knows we are all sinners and scum in Gods eyes and cannot please him until we are out of this flesh all we can do is try to have mercy on others

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