The Experts: New Courageous Storytellers Resources

The Experts: New Courageous Storytellers Resources

December 2, 2019 by

I always feel super old when I say this, but can you believe another year has come and gone? We’re square in the middle of CCT (Crazy Christmas Time) for those of us working in churches, and I know it probably feels like an extra-caffeine-required sprint to make it to the end of the year. You probably don’t have bucketfuls of free time in the midst of all the last-minute video production, extra Sunday rehearsals, and kids Christmas programs, but we have something fun and different to share with you this holly jolly month.

As we prepare for 2020, we reached out to some of our favorite church comm experts to get their takes on what we need to know and trends to be aware of in this new decade. Some elements of effective communication never change, but some methods of communication change all the time. We’ve got a pretty incredible lineup of folks who have “been there, done that” and have important tips for us to consider with the various aspects of our jobs.

Sometime this month, grab your holiday beverage of choice, put away the to-do list, and strategically place yourself under the mistletoe (or don’t). Carve out some time to check out a webinar or article or two to refuel yourself before you get back to your role in telling the greatest story ever told.

We’ve got a killer lineup of webinars this month:

  • Less Chaos, Less Noise (Kem Meyer)
  • Latest Tips for Facebook and Instagram (Nona Jones)
  • How to Foster Online Community (Katie Allred)

Plus more great resources from experts:

  • Three communication shifts for 2020 (Dawn Nicole Baldwin)
  • Should your church be on Snapchat and TikTok? (Justin Dean)
  • Geeks vs. artists. Where do you find inspiration? (Kelvin Co)
  • How to capture your audience’s attention. (Phil Bowdle)
  • Podcasting 101 (Carl Barnhill)
  • 52 small changes. One big difference. (Jonathan Malm)

See the Resources

Check out this month’s expert resources, and if you’re not a member of Courageous Storytellers, consider joining.

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