Spiritual Retreat Guide

Spiritual Retreat Guide

November 13, 2019 by

When was the last time you unplugged from the rigors of ministry and your personal responsibilities and took a spiritual retreat to connect with God and refresh your soul?

No, I’m not talking about 30 minutes at Starbucks catching up on your YouVersion devotional. (Although that’s a good thing as well.)

Perhaps it’s been a very long time or you’ve never had the opportunity to go on a spiritual retreat. Or perhaps you don’t see the value or can’t see past the fog of your responsibilities to even contemplate going on a spiritual retreat.

As a church communicator, your schedule fills up fast with deadline after deadline, so it’s essential to schedule time away with God on your calendar—even if it’s six to 12 months from now. There’s something about just knowing you have a retreat on the horizon that gives you a little more hop to your step.

We’ve got some tips for where to go and what to do to plan your own spiritual retreat.


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