Bulletin Examples: Crystal Kirkman & First Christian Church

Bulletin Examples: Crystal Kirkman & First Christian Church

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If there’s one thing church communicators love to hate, it’s the church bulletin. Some have tried to kill it, but the rest of us just make do. We decided to talk to some church communicators and see how the bulletin is working (or not) for them.

Today we talk with Crystal Kirkman, the communications director at First Christian Church in Decatur, Ill.

We always have “next steps” whether you are a first-time guest or ready to take the next step in your faith journey.

What do you love about your bulletin?

I like the fact that it applies to both first-time guests and those who have been attending for years. It’s also relatively easy to update each week with our current layout. We’ve also been strategic in terms of our mission statement always being on the front cover, we are intentional about having sermon notes space, and we always have “next steps” whether you are a first-time guest or ready to take the next step in your faith journey.

What would you change about your bulletin?

I’d love to not even have a printed bulletin, but this does answer a lot of questions for people. Because we are a multi-generational church, the printed bulletin works well for us.

Is there anything unique about your bulletin that other churches don’t do?

I don’t think so.

How is your bulletin process working these days? How have you improved it?

The process works well. Whenever a staff member fills out an online event request, it triggers automatic emails to all those who need to know, and I keep track of all “major” events on an Excel spreadsheet (even years out). Every Monday, I take a look at those events to see what needs to be included and make the decision as to what makes the cut and what doesn’t. Our staff know what our event filtering process is so there are never any surprises. Then we have a few staff who help with editing before the office takes it on to make those final edits and prints. Most of the bulletin is a pre-printed shell and only a small portion is updated weekly: one side is printed in black and white and the other side in color (the sermon notes side).

Bulletin Example

The narrow part is perforated so it can be torn off, and the only parts that are printed each week are the “upcoming events,” “next step,” and “sermon notes” sections. Everything is pre-printed on full color shells which we only change every few years. The green/blue are our church colors so this helps with branding.


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