Tailoring a Mobile App for Church Attenders

Tailoring a Mobile App for Church Attenders

June 24, 2019 by

At Life.Church, we have a “mobile first” mentality. We know that 78% of our audience is interacting with us on a device. When we make design updates, we first think of the mobile experience. Our top-viewed webpages are attributed to visitors viewing our sermons and other video content, finding a location, and reading more about who we are as a church.

With this data, we decided to prioritize our website for the potential attender while our app focuses on resourcing the existing attender.

Here are a few app features that help us bring value to our attenders so we can keep them engaged and connected to the church on a weekly basis:

  • Check-in Services: Attenders can use the Life.Church app to check in before serving or to check their children into LifeKids. When attenders arrive to church, this feature will automatically prompt them through a push notification to access their check-in code within the app.
  • Weekly Guide: We provide our Weekly Guide (or bulletin) via the app so attenders can find information about what’s happening at their location, take notes during the message, access tools to invite others to church, and more. Most importantly, we focus on helping people take their next step by prompting them to take action on things like sharing their decision for Christ, asking for prayer, joining a small group, and signing up to serve.
  • Media Content: In this area of our app, people can watch weekend messages, listen to worship music, view LifeKids content, see video stories of life change, and more at any time and from any location. It makes it easy for our attenders to take advantage of our media content as another way to grow as a follower of Christ.
  • Giving: We recently enhanced our app’s giving experience, and now, half of our digital giving is done through our app. We believe simple is better and always want to remove barriers wherever possible. We’ve focused on creating a giving experience that’s simple and intuitive allowing attenders to save their personal preferences for smooth process each time they return.
  • Weekday Communication: We use the Life.Church app to communicate to our church throughout the week by appropriately leveraging push notifications. We send messages that encourage, remind, and resource our attenders.

As we continue to see increased engagement, we continue to add features that create a more tailored experience for each attender based on location, stage of life, and other interests.


For more help with the mobile web, check out this month’s resources from Courageous Storytellers. Church communication is hard. We can help.

(Extra thanks to Greg Gackle, Life.Church’s central team leader of interactive, for contributing to this post.)

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