Creative Missions: Help Churches in Rhode Island Share the Gospel

Creative Missions: Help Churches in Rhode Island Share the Gospel

April 3, 2019 by

Creative Missions is gearing up for our ninth trip and we need your help resourcing our team of laptop-wielding missionaries partnering with 15 local churches to advance the gospel throughout Rhode Island (and Connecticut and Massachusetts), April 27 to May 3, 2019.

Would you consider being a mission partner?

You can donate here:

We’re grateful for the many churches and individuals—mission partners—since 2010 who have given sacrificially in response to the extravagant love of Christ. Creative Missions runs on a $20,000-budget every year and these financial gifts are an integral part of equipping churches in unlikely places to reach unlikely congregants.

Why Rhode Island?

We’re basing out of Providence, R.I., also known as the “Creative Capital.” It’s the fifth most post-Christian city in America with over 60% of its population being post-Christian, and the third least Bible-minded city in America with less than 12% of its population qualifying as Bible-minded (Barna, 2015). Many churches that used to host pioneers of the faith like Roger Williams, Adoniram Judson, and George Whitefield now proclaim teachings that fall short of the gospel.

However, there is a new movement in church planting with renewed enthusiasm and a more thoughtful approach among a younger generation of church leaders. They’re reaching a generation of folks who have supposedly abandoned religion. We’ve met with these pastors, listened to their needs, and see where God is working and how he can use our team.

History, culture, startups, universities—the offerings here are plentiful, and so are the opportunities to share the love of Jesus Christ through the gifts he has given us. The needs are great, but the gospel is greater.

Tangible Needs

Your gifts help pay for production costs for the churches we’re serving: printing, materials, resources, equipment, software licenses; as well as local transportation, food, lodging and more for our team.

Big needs:

  • Meevo streaming video cameras: $480 x 3 churches = $1,440
  • Video projector: $700
  • Propresenter license: $399 x 2 churches = $798
  • Printing: Signs, invite cards, etc. = $2,500
  • Rental cars: $300 x 5 teams = $1,500
  • Lodging: $8,000
  • Meals: $1,200

Would you or your church consider underwriting or donating resources to accomplish these church needs?

Pray for New England Churches

Please take minute to join pastor David Dewberry as he prays for the gospel to spread throughout New England. Pray that churches would be built up and many hear the gospel, see it’s power in the lives of Christians, and trust in Christ and find true life. Please also pray for our community of creatives who will be partnering with his church (the second oldest Baptist church in America) as well as other churches.

Pray for Creative Missions 2019

We're gearing up for our 2019 #creativemissions trip to Rhode Island. Please pray for our team, these efforts, and for gospel impact across New England. Please also consider donating financially to assist these laptop wielding missionaries on mission to advance the gospel of Christ.

Posted by Creative Missions on Saturday, March 16, 2019

Donate Now

Finally, using Paul’s instructions on giving in 2 Corinthians 8:9, think about how much Jesus has given up for you and respond accordingly in generosity to his mission.

Give now:

If you’d rather mail a check, please write “Creative Missions” in the memo field and send to:

Center for Church Communication
ATTN: Creative Missions
PO Box 26747
Los Angeles, CA 90026

All donations are tax deductible through the Center for Church Communication (CFCC).


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