Proving Easter With Lee Strobel: Videos for Your Church

Proving Easter With Lee Strobel: Videos for Your Church

March 6, 2019 by

Let’s be honest: The Easter story is pretty weird. Convincing people that Jesus was real, he really died, and he really rose from the dead can be a pretty daunting task. How can we help our friends and neighbors understand and believe us that this truly is the greatest story ever told—and it really happened?

This month our Courageous Storytellers membership site talked with Lee Strobel, journalist, apologist, and author of The Case for Christ. Strobel was a passionate and skeptical atheist determined to tear down and disprove Jesus’ death and resurrection—until he came across facts he couldn’t refute. There is an enormous amount of historical evidence that proves that Jesus really was who he said he was, and once Lee found convincing proof of the Easter story, his life was never the same.

Strobel tells that story in his book, The Case for Christ (which was turned into a full-length movie that’s currently available on Netflix). He also shares those arguments and the historical evidence with us in a series of clips that are suitable for your church to share.

This is an opportunity for your church to create a conversation around Easter and explore the historical death and resurrection of Jesus. Courageous Storytellers members get access to the full webinar with Lee Strobel, plus a series of six downloadable video snippets you can share with your congregation on social media.

Here’s one of those videos:

You can get the full set of videos to share with your church by joining Courageous Storytellers.

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