Need Help With Your Christmas Design?

Need Help With Your Christmas Design?

October 11, 2017 by

Note: This amazing Christmas design offer for our members has now expired. (Sorry! Next time do your shopping early.)

At Courageous Storytellers, one of our main goals is to help newish church communicators keep their wits about them. And this month, we have our most amazing sanity-keeping resource ever. (If you know me at all, you know I don’t engage in that kind of nonsense hyperbole, so it must actually be amazing. For real.)

If you’re freaking out about all the “stuff” you need to create for Christmas, just STOP!

No freaking out necessary. Why? Because if you’re a Courageous Storytellers member, our little elves are happy to do that work for you. For free. Simply choose one of three designs (or upload your own graphics), follow the simple directions, wait a few days for your files to arrive in your inbox, then send them off to your favorite printer. Poof. Done.

Free Design Details

You’ll get:

  • A doorhanger you can print for your people to hand out.
  • A video title graphic.
  • A screen text graphic for message points and scripture references. (Use with PowerPoint, Keynote, ProPresenter, etc.)
  • Two different sizes of invitation cards.
  • A Facebook cover photo.
  • A landscape graphic for use on social media.
  • A square graphic for use on social media.
  • The Photoshop file (.psd) so you can make any additional edits needed.

Ready to get started? Join Courageous Storytellers now!

We love church communicators, and we’d like you to survive Christmas.

Questions & Answers

We know you have some questions about this, and we have some answers:

1. What’s the catch?

You need to be a Courageous Storytellers member ($29 per month or $299 per year).

2. Can I sign up for one month just so I can get the Christmas deal and then cancel my membership?

Well, we think you’ll stick around for longer than that one month, but yes, you sure can.

3. But shouldn’t I create something original?

If you have the resources and the know-how and the time, then by all means go crazy with your Christmas creativity. But if you’re drowning and you need to focus on other things—like what’s going to happen when people show up on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas—then don’t expend a bunch of energy and time reinventing the wheel.

OK, I just heard 14 graphic designers gasp.

Don’t misunderstand: We love original design. But we also love church communicators, and we’d like you to survive Christmas.

4. Where can I print the invitation cards and doorhangers?

There are lots of places to do printing. If you’ve never done it before, don’t worry. Many printers have helpful sales reps who can walk you through it.

ChurchInk is just one option, and they’d love to help you out (use promo code “OCT20!” to score a 20% discount!).

5. My church won’t professionally print anything, so why should I do it?

Do you use social media? Do you have a Facebook page or an Instagram account? Do you have a screen for worship slides? You can deck the halls with a Christmas look in all those places without printing anything.

Use only what you need. No worries.

And maybe, just maybe, this is an opportunity for your church to try something new. We don’t want to add to your seasonal stress, but this might be an easy (read: cheap) way for your church to experiment with invitation cards or doorhangers.

Let’s Go!

Done-for-you Christmas design? Let’s do it. Head over to Courageous Storytellers now!


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