You Ready to Get Stuff Done?

You Ready to Get Stuff Done?

September 5, 2017 by

We church communicators have diverse job titles and job descriptions. We enjoy various levels of leadership and fall among different teams on the org chart. But we all share one thing: We have way, way, WAY too much to do.

This month on Courageous Storytellers, we’ve asked some of the most productive, most methodical, most with-it people we know to offer up tested tips for getting stuff done. You’ll find resources to help you get and stay organized, ideas for boosting your productivity, strategies for getting ahead, and guidelines to implement that will save you time in the long run:

  • A webinar with tips for beating procrastination.
  • Conversations with two stellar comm directors, one about implementing a communication process and the other about how to organize your work.
  • Resources to help you know what you need to get done to begin with, like a step-by-step guide for launching a yearly calendar meeting and a communication priorities template.
  • New ways to think about your communication style guide and communication standards that’ll save you loads of wasted time.
  • Checklists and templates to help take the stress out of planning, promoting, and producing events.
  • A worksheet to help you break your big, hairy, audacious goals into more manageable chunks.
  • Productivity and priority-setting suggestions that’ll blow your mind.
  • Guidance on how to choose a task or project management system.
  • Done-for-you social media posts. (Talk about getting stuff done!)

Every month, Courageous Storytellers offers fresh content to help newish church communicators stay afloat. If you’re in fake-it-til-you-make-it land, we’re here to help! Learn more about membership today.

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Kelley Hartnett

Kelley Hartnett spent more than a decade working in established churches and helping to launch new ones. She recently launched Tall Tree Collective, which helps nonprofits craft messages that inspire people to get behind their cause. Kelley formerly served as the membership director for our Courageous Storytellers Membership Site and is the author of You've Got This: A Pep Talk for Church Communicators.
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