How You Can Support Creative Missions 2017

How You Can Support Creative Missions 2017

May 19, 2017 by

A group of church communicators from across the country are converging on Montana right now. Why? They’re going to help local churches communicate better. It’s called Creative Missions, and it’s our annual missions trip for communicators.

We’ve been honored to support this effort from the beginning back in 2011. Over the next week, 28 missionaries will work in teams to serve a dozen churches in Montana.

Here’s how you can get involved with Creative Missions, even if you’re not going:


It’s pretty easy to qualify the type of work we do on these trips as it relates to the skills of the creatives, but thank God that he has bigger plans than we ever do. Pray that God shows up this week, that we honor him with our work, and that he multiplies our investment in the work he’s already doing in Montana. Pray that both the churches we serve and the missionaries serving are forever changed by a tangible encounter with God.

Give Money

A trip like this has a lot of logistical challenges, and though we operate on a shoe string budget, every financial gift has a tremendous impact on the depth of the investment we’re able to make in the region during the week. We stretch each one of these dollars as far as possible, and we wouldn’t be able to continue this ministry without the intentional investment of our generous donors.

Donate now >>

Give Resources

Have an extra projector you’re not using? Want to contribute some software licenses? These may seem like minor gifts, but they have an unbelievable impact on the churches we serve, and can dramatically increase their community impact, even the first week after we leave.

Email us if you can help with any of these needs.

Follow Along

Follow the #CreativeMissions hashtag on Twitter or check out our Creative Missions 2017 list. Also watch for updates on Facebook, see our soon-coming updates on Storify and check out @cmsucks. We’ll also be posting a recap after the trip.

2017 Team

Here’s the roster of this year’s Creative Missions Team. Follow along and give them a digital high-five for the work they’re doing:

Katie Allred, Laura Bennett, Andy Burns, Jay CarlsonEmily Carlton, Robert CarnesCatherine BurtEvan Courtney, Nathan Dewberry, Alex EimanErin Feldman, Sheri FelipeRebecca HarrisDanielle Hartland, Dave Hartland, Brad Huss, Cass Jewell, Denisse Leon, Kyna MooreEric Murrell, Kyler Nixon, Cleve Persinger, Joe Porter, Kent RichardsonJon Rogers, Chuck Scoggins, Brandon WanamakerCourtney Wanamaker, and Dustin Wegner. (Follow them all on Twitter)

We love Creative Missions and the ongoing impact it has on communicators and churches. Please support the team and all their hard work.


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