One-on-One Advice at The Intensive

One-on-One Advice at The Intensive

April 18, 2017 by

Do you see what’s happening in this photo?

Stephen Brewster helping church communicators at The Intensive

Those are church communicators hanging out at The Intensive.

And that’s Intensive instructor and church comm pro Stephen Brewster giving a team of church communicators one-on-one advice.

That happens all the time at The Intensive. You get to hang out with the instructors and ask them all your burning questions. And they’ll take the time to give you an answer. You can talk through the challenges facing your church and get on-point advice.

This is not an event where the instructors speak their general platitudes from the platform and you’re left trying to apply it to your unique situation. The instructors don’t finish speaking and then go home. They finishing speaking and sit down at the table next to you. They’re available to answer questions. They’re ready and willing to give advice to your specific problem.

Don’t go to another event hoping for some general advice that you have to translate to your situation.

You’ve got specific problems. The Intensive has specific answers.

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“One of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done for myself and my ministry.” –Julie Snyder

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