2017 Events for Church Communicators

2017 Events for Church Communicators

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Sometimes church communication can feel like lonely work. You may feel overwhelmed by the workload and misunderstood by the rest of your staff. But you are not alone. There are thousands of people just like you, working in churches and trying so very hard to help them communicate the gospel with excellence.

Come out to an event this year and get to know some of your cohorts, learn something new, and take your skills up a notch.

2017 Church Communication Events

For the full list of events, check out our calendar. Be sure to let us know if there are other events we should add!

A couple events we highly recommend you check out are Creative Missions and the Intensive:

Creative Missions

Not a mere conference, this is a missions trip. Creative Missions brings a team of 30 church creatives to serve in a different location each year, breathing creative life into local churches and helping them communicate better. In 2017 the team is going to Bozeman, Mont.

The Intensive

We love church communication conferences, but sometimes you need something deeper. You need more help than a keynote speaker or a single workshop. Formerly known as Certification Lab, The Intensive is your opportunity to go to the next level. These are two-day, small-group experiences that dive into hands-on issues for church communicators. This year, we’ve got Intensives lined up in five cities around the country. Register early to save $100. Hope to see you there!

Local Meetups

If these events sound awesome but your budget is nonexistent, consider checking out local meetups. They’re a great way to connect with fellow church communicators and build one another up. These meetups may be more about coffee and commiseration rather than keynotes and classes, but that can be hugely valuable too.

Whether you plan a trip and or you connect with locals, get out there this year and meet some fellow church communicators. You’re not alone.

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