Getting a Seat at the Table

Getting a Seat at the Table

December 18, 2015 by

Our Certification Lab instructors talks about how to work with church leadership and make sure you have a seat at the table as a church communicator.

This is one of the topics covered during our Certification Lab.

In order to be an effective church communicator, you need to have a seat at the table.

Watch as Certification Lab instructor Stephen Brewster talks about getting a seat at the table:

“The best way to get a voice in any conversation is to focus on a couple things. First, on a leadership team focus on what the leadership team cares about. Care about what they care about and work really hard to accomplish those goals. And when you do, all of a sudden you’ll start to earn a ton of equity. The second thing is control what you can control. There are a lot of factors and variables that are out of your control—completely out of your control. So many times we get caught up, consumed by the things we can’t control, and we end up ignoring the things we actually have control over that actually could create momentum for us, and move us forward.” -Stephen Brewster


  • This video is from a 2015 Google Hangout with our Certification Lab instructors. You can watch the entire hangout.
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In order to be an effective church communicator, you need to have a seat at the table.

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