Your Digital Makeover by Steve Fogg

Your Digital Makeover by Steve Fogg

June 22, 2015 by
Your Digital Makeover by Steve Fogg

If your church doesn’t have a presence on the web, you don’t exist.

I know that seems harsh, but that is the reality we face today.

Roxanne Stone, a vice president at Barna Group, states, “[Pastors] recognize their church’s website will often be the first, and maybe only, impression outsiders get of their ministry. Additionally, most church leaders realize the potential for continued connection with members and visitors alike through the Internet—from podcasts, to social media, to blogs, to sermon discussion questions and even community prayer requests. No matter the church’s size, location or demographic, the Internet has become and will continue to be a vital tool for connection, outreach and even spiritual formation.”

“You should definitely have goals for your social media
presence and your website.” -Steve Fogg

And if you aren’t online or need to review your current digital strategy, Steve Fogg has put together a great resource to help you get started.

In his free (yes, free!) ebook, Your Digital Makeover, Steve provides five action steps to help you get started on or improve your current Internet presence:

  1. Review your current circumstances (analytics, level of social media engagement, etc.).
  2. Set goals.
  3. Ask yourself, “How easy is the user’s journey from start to finish?”
  4. Invest time and money. (Yup, nothing in life comes for free.)
  5. Create compelling content.

To obtain a copy of this easy-to-read, totally digestible, 17-page resource, go to Steve’s website (email subscription required).

Whether a web expert or just exploring this frontier for the first time, Steve’s resource will help keep you on target to make the most of your users’ online experience.


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