Support Creative Missions 2015

Support Creative Missions 2015

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It’s that time: Creative Missions 2015. If you’re picturing quirky service projects or construction sites with a twist, you’ve got it wrong. Creative Missions brings together church communicators to help under-resourced churches. This weekend 25 missionaries will spread among four teams to serve 10 to 15 churches in Boise, Idaho, and one church in Ontario, Ore.

We love Creative Missions because it gives creatives the chance to use their skills to serve in a meaningful way: the more they’re able to help, the better these churches will communicate. And the better these churches communicate, the more the gospel spreads.

As one local pastor says:

“I want to tell you how blessed we feel and excited we are to be on your list of churches to help when you come to Boise. We are very excited to have your team come here and help us improve all of these things and more, so that our church can become a more effective messenger of the gospel!”

Boise is a growing town (#15 on Forbes’ list of the fastest growing U.S. cities) with a lively outdoors culture, healthy economy and fantastic quality-of-life. But it’s also a post-Christian, unchurched city that’s open to a plurality of spiritual beliefs. Creative Missions’ goal in 2015 is to help equip pastors and their missional communities engage a culture where some find little value in a traditional church service.

We’re obviously on board with that goal, so let’s do what we can to help.



  • Pray for gospel renewal in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley: that every man, woman and child has an opportunity to hear about Jesus every day.
  • Pray the Creative Missions team will identify and serve the greatest needs for churches, communicate effectively, make Jesus known and produce and send disciples through their missional communities.
  • Pray the religious strongholds in the area would be broken and people would be set free as they hear the gospel.
  • Pray people meet our Creator.
  • Pray God protects the Creative Missions team, the pastors and their families from physical, emotional and spiritual attacks.
  • Pray for the churches themselves by name. Pray that their needs are met and that they’re able to communicate the gospel as effectively as possible:

“Creative Missions is a God thing—right when we needed help.” -Boise pastor

Follow Along

Follow the #CreativeMissions hashtag on Twitter or check out our Creative Missions 2015 list. Also watch for updates on Facebook, see our updates on Storify and check out @cmsucks. We’ll also be posting a recap after the trip.

Reach Out

We think it’d be great if some of you church communicators out there showed your support for the Creative Missions creatives as they serve. Send them a tweet and cheer them on! Here are this year’s missionaries:

Laura Bennett, Andy Burns, Evan Courtney, Eric Dunaway, Sheri Felipe, Jim Fergusson, Tim Gaskins, Steven Grant, Andrew Hansen, Brad Huss, Brian Kuric, Denisse Leon, Eric Murrell, Cleve Persinger, Katie Persinger, Joe Porter, Jamie Pruitt, Jon Rogers, Chuck Scoggins, Rachel Seatvet, Cory Webb, Jordan Wiseman and Brian Ziegelheafer. (Follow them all on Twitter)

Creative Missions is incredible every year, and we love being a part of it. We hope you’ll support the team from where you are and get excited about the difference they make.


Dangerous: A Go-to Guide for Church CommunicationWe wrote the book on Creative Missions—Dangerous: A Go-to Guide for Church Communication. The book supports Creative Missions, so by picking up the book you’re helping the cause. Plus, the book is like your own Creative Missions experience. Share the book with pastors and churches that need communication help and you’re becoming a creative missionary.
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