Easter Effort: Egg Invitations

Easter Effort: Egg Invitations

March 31, 2015 by

Kelley Hartnett is the director of culture and connection at The Way in Wentzville, Mo.

What’s your favorite part about celebrating Easter at your church?

We’re a baby church plant, so we’ve only celebrated one Easter so far. One of my favorite parts of last year’s celebration was our continental breakfast in the lobby; it was great to see people hanging out, enjoying a muffin, and chatting it up.

Share one cool way your church is spreading the word about Easter this year:

We “egg” our community—we put together little packages with stuffed, plastic Easter eggs and an invitation to our egg hunt and Easter gatherings. Each family in our church is invited to take at least 10 packages with which to egg people they personally know, and then we form street teams to egg the neighborhoods around our location—that adds up to about 2,500 homes. Super fun!

Here’s a goofy little promo video we did to introduce the project to our church family.

How do you keep your focus on the joy of Easter amid the stress of looming deadlines and long hours?

That is a great question, and I’m typically lousy at it, to be honest. This year, though, I’m working in advance (imagine!) to get all of our materials designed and produced so I can relax into the season, rather than racing through it.

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Photo by Mars Hill Church Seattle.
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