Church Marketing Podcast: The Christmas Social Episode

Church Marketing Podcast: The Christmas Social Episode

November 25, 2014 by

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Social is a beast, mostly because there is an expectation for us to have a presence on all networks, even if we don’t understand them. Finding clarity for our main church account is hard enough. Nevermind the ministries that want their own social presence.

The key to conquering social for your church is gaining clarity on who you are and figuring out what role social plays in communicating who you are? What is the purpose?

Christmas offers a very unique opportunity to discover what it is like to have clarity of purpose because everyone is thinking about and talking about the same thing: Christmas. In The Christmas Social Episode we take a look at how churches can use social to connect with the culture around them and take advantage of the receptive attitude to the message of Emmanuel, God with us.

About Our Guest

Haley Veturis is the social media manager at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif. More than that she loves people and uses social media as a tool to show care and love to others. If you were to check out her Twitter account (which over 17,000 people have and then decided to follow her) you would discover that Haley is also the co-founder of the OC Social Media Summit and @SocialEcclesia. Lastly, if you follow Haley on social you’ll discover she is a huge coffee fan and really into CrossFit.

Haley has spoken for dozens of conferences and webinars and continues to be a strong advocate for social media best practices which find their genesis in treating people with kindness, respect, love and compassion.

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Should We Have One Facebook Page or One Facebook Page Per Ministry?

This is one of the most common questions I hear and one of the most frequent questions circulated around social media. Should a church limit themselves to only one Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram account, etc., or should we allow ministries to have their own?

Haley shares that for Saddleback they allow their regional campuses to have a Facebook fan page, a Twitter handle (though this is being re-thought because it is hard to find people who understand Twitter along with the fact that the main Saddleback brand Twitter handle does a good job already) and Instagram accounts.

One thing to consider when making this decision for your church is whether or not the effort is worth the result. Churches do not want to spend time and effort in a platform when there is no fruit to show for the effort. Of course, if there is a long term vision and purpose behind being on a platform that should be taken into consideration.

Show Notes

God Rest Ye Stressed Communicators: Planning Christmas for Your ChurchMore Christmas Ideas:

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